• sourcing agent

    Matic-Chain has helped many online sellers to source homewares, home decor, kitchenware in China with the best price.Matic-Chain is always been your trusted agent in China.

  • Computer-Office

    Office supplies have always been one of Matic-Chain main categories of sourcing. In the past years, we have purchased a considerable amount of products in China for our clients. Matic-Chain is always been your trusted agent in China.

  • Sports&Outdoors

    China has a well-developed manufacturing industry, so Matic-Chain can find you even to customize the sports products to your satisfaction.  Matic-chain is your trusted Chinese sourcing agent.

  • pet-products
    Pet Supplies

    The pet products industry is booming. the eCommerce opportunity for selling pet products is gigantic. So take the opportunity to source pet supplies in China which Matic-Chain will help you a lot.

  • 2

    Matic-Chain can find the best suppliers of gardening supplies and the most suitable products for your online store in China. And Matic-Chain will provide you the  professional  service for your business 

  • kid-toy-children

    China has a mature production process, and high-specification inspection standards, so in the production of children’s related products, China is the best choice, so Matic-Chain can buy you in China the best and most suitable product

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