Graphic Design Service


As we all know, good-looking pictures are a critical factor in the success of an e-commerce career. 


A good product photo and package can make your product stand out from the competitors. Beautiful images can let customers feel the quality of your products and make them have more desire to buy.


For the job of making pictures, people tend to find freelancers on Fiverr & Upwork. But freelancers are often inefficient, expensive, and challenging to communicate.


Matic - Chain provides a new way to help you easily make product pictures with cost-effective design services. Our in-house designers coordinate with you and suppliers to maintain efficiency. Products don’t need to be shipped out of China to save your cost.

1、Graphic Design Service

Product Description Image​

Add more product attributes on the white background images, making customers fully understand your products.


Our designer will add the product characters from the manufacturer to the images, making them more detailed.


Price starts from $15, quoted by inquiry

Label & Manual Design

If you demand a product label, you can talk about your idea with our designer. And our designer will help design and make your vision come true.


And we can also help with the manual. A good manual will help your customers understand how to use your product correctly.


Price starts from $15, quoted by inquiry.

2. Packaging Design Service

Packaging Template

For the customers who have their own Packaging Designers, we can help provide the Packaging Template.


Customers can make designs based on the Packaging Template. And we will contact manufacturers to help produce the packaging according to your design.

Packaging Design

Just give us all the copywriting on the packaging, and then tell us the packaging style you want.


Our designer can help you design similar packaging style, and modify it endlessly until you are satisfied.


Price start from $50. For precise quote, please inquire our designer or your agent.

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