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About the Matic Chain

In the era of global integration, more and more customer choose to purchase products from China, but it is not so easy to implement, especially for beginners, there are numerous risks and traps hidden in the whole procurement process. The first hurdle is the language barrier, many Chinese manufacturers do not understand English, they may not be able to correctly understand your requirements. And once suppliers realize through your ignorance of the Chinese manufacturing market, they may offer you much higher prices than others, or even have unfavourable clauses hidden in the contract.

    In this context, Matic Chain was born. With offices in Shenzhen and Changsha, we are committed to helping all individuals and enterprises who need to import from China to find suitable suppliers according to your needs, and negotiate with suppliers to obtain better prices and quality products, avoiding unnecessary risks.

What can we do for you? What are the advantages?
1.Professional team
Our team consists of a number of experienced purchasing experts, most of whom have more than 10 years of purchasing experience. They are proficient in both Chinese and English. They know the whole purchasing process and relevant policies very well and are ready to provide professional purchasing advice to you at any time.
2.Abundant resources
Matic Chain has a large database of suppliers and diversified procurement channels. Once our purchasing manager receives your inquiry, we will customize the procurement plan for you, find a suitable supplier within 1-2 working days, and give you the most favorable price. We will ensure that you get the best products at the best prices in the market.
3.One-stop service
From Product Sourcing, Manufacturer Verification, Quality Inspection, FBA Prep, to Amazon Services, we are committed to helping with every step of the way to importing products from China. If you need, you can also get personalized services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing and so on.
4. Not only a purchasing agent, but also your logistics partner
We can also provide you with international logistics services, including packaging, warehousing, air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, etc. We are always ready to provide the best service for every customer and deliver the right products to the right place. Please click the link for more details: If you need professional purchasing advice, you can contact us now!
Email:      (Sourcing Service)
WhatsApp :+86 191 0848 6816
Address: Room-1809-1810 Block-B
WanDa office Building, Xiang Jiang Kai Fu District, ChangshaCity, Hunan Province, China


Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 18:00 PM
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