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How we work

Step 01: Tell Us What You Need
As the leading China sourcing company, we help clients source over 100 different kinds of products every day. We not only help you get competitive prices but also get more new product recommendations from factories.

Most agents in our company can help you source the following consumer products, like household, garden, toys, outdoor, apparels, stationery, electronics, hardware, etc.
Step 02: Get the Quotation in 24-48 hours and Supplier evaluation
Our experts will start the sourcing, clarifying scope of manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, Cross-check prices, make basic supplier verification, you will get a sheet with 2-3 supplier quotations.
Step 03:Samples checking
We will purchase samples according to customer's needs, and can provide video of test samples and results.
Step 04: Contract And Production
After you confirmed the sample and choose the final supplier, we will secure the agreed terms and negotiate terms of payment, delivery time, packaging, labeling, and Specify manufacturer’s quality assurance commitments. Then we start the massive production.
Step 05: Inspection, Payment And Shipping
We will follow the whole process during production.Our weekly status report ensures our clients to get the most updated status and everything is under controland on schedule. You can pay the supplier directly or forsome supplier they prefer in getting RMB, We can paythem on behalf of you. We will do final quality inspectionbefore the supplier send out the goods.

Submit Your Sourcing Request

Before start using our service, please fill in the following form to tell us what products you want to import from China.
Once we get the detailed information for the sourcing request, your assigned customer representative will contact you shortly. He/she will support you from sourcing to shipping.
If you need other help, please email
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What is China Import Agent?

No doubt, you can buy cheap products (such as clothes, toys, shoes, electronics, and other items) and can earn a profit after reselling them.
Import/export is not that easy when it happens at an international level, especially for a new person. But for a China sourcing agent who is an expert in business dealings, all these things are straightforward and easy.
China import agents are specialized professionals who import and provide the materials in bulk to clients all over the world. China import agents will help you in finding and evaluating the products, quality checking.
Then from storage to shipping, they will be responsible. In each step, a china import agent will be with you and will try to help you out to resolve any sort of issue.

Agents help you to find the products at a very low price. Agents have a perfect business sense; they know very well from where to get products at a low price. They can also work out to provide discounts, and this can save the money of clients.
As they are working at the international level, Chinese import agents are very specialized in tariffs, import/export, and tax issues.
Chinese agents are trained in cost dealing and providing goods on time. Chinese agents are familiar with the local community so that they can handle all the issues regarding corruption/cheat.

Why Need Import Agents in China?

International business plays a vital role in the survival of all countries. As one country/region has to supply products/goods that are required by other countries/regions. Due to technological advancement, international trade has become more and more manageable, rewarding, and profitable.

On the other hand, the chance to cheat is always present there. You are aware of players, but you have to take a swim into the trade channel. Beside it, the starter of this field has no idea how to sell the products and earn the profit.
So in this way buyer has to order a few samples to test the quality of products. In addition to its buyer and seller want to follow a secure and safe pathway.

So here comes the middleman or china sourcing agent who connects the buyer and seller. The China import agent examines the quality of the product, deals with the shipping services, and sends you all your goods safely.
So it is an essential step to hire an import agent who can guide you through running your business. China, an import/export agent, is always ready to guide you in your import/export trade from china supplier.
It is a wise choice to take help from an agent. You can get business guidelines, market info, price of products from China import agent. While dealing with China, you have to find a Chinese supplier and buy the products at a low price.
It is not that simple, and you can face many issues regarding the purchase of products, shipment, and other regulations.
So that’s why you will need a sourcing agent who will help you in purchasing products and export services for your business.

How Matic-Chain Sourcing Help You import from China

Matic-Chain sourcing is growing and is becoming the most popular sourcing company day by day.
Buyers enjoy complete import services here, such as sourcing, factory audit, quality inspection, and shipment.
After receiving the queries from the customers, the purchasing agents of Matic-Chain sourcing try to find a suitable seller or producer.
Matic-Chain sourcing tries to provide support to its customers in finding the right manufacturer. They also try their level best to get the right product at the right price for their customer.
Matic-Chain sourcing takes into account the needs and demands of the customer and then provides them the solutions. They are dealing not only with bigger importers but also with medium and small businesses. They assure you a trustworthy business partner and cannot disappoint you.
They also provide you free services until you find the right supplier. Also, they provide their other services like OEM, ODM, package designing, sample consolidate, product development, logo prints, and factory audits.

Final Thoughts on China Import Agent

The search for markets at the international level is a time-consuming process and can also charge you a high cost. So business thinking companies always try to get help from import agents or companies to simplify their operations so that they can focus on other departments.
Chinese import agent or Company can boost up your sales as well as they can take your Company among internationally recognized organizations.
The sourcing agents are skilled in selling goods in different geographical regions and experts in international laws. So they can deal with multiple manufacturers to find the best producer for you.

You can get a safe and sound shipment at the right time with products of good quality due to the Chinese sourcing agent.
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