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About Us

Shenzhen Chengqi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Our company can provide customers with sourcing, inspection, labeling, transportation and other services. We have self-operated logistic company which is first class agent. Most of the customers are Amazon sellers. In addition, we have cooperated with a famous Amazon training school, which can provide Amazon operation services to customers in need.

Why Choose Us

Cost Saving

Our sourcing managers, who have been sourcing for 5 years at least, are familiar with various product categories. We can help you in searching right suppliers, negotiating the better prices, taking care of sampling procedure, quality control.


Time Saving

You don't need to search other forwarder. We have self-operated logistic company named maticexpress which is first class agent, so no commission on shipping business. Our sourcing and logistic dept can communicate directly internally. Saving time is saving money!


Service Guaranteed

As a reliable and trustworthy company, we pursue long term cooperation with all clients. In any case, we persist in trying our best to serve clients well. We guarantee a full refund of our service charge within 90 days, if you are not satisfied with our sourcing service.


Amazon Services

As we have cooperated with a famous Amazon training school, we can also offer kinds of Amazon operation service, such as reinstate account, remove negative review and so on. When you have problems of Amazon operation, we can help you to solve them and keep sales growing.

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Shenzhen Office

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E-mail: sales003@matic-chain.com
Tel: +86-13319558986(Whatsapp)

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